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What it’s like to be a Stuntman

What it’s like to be a Stuntman

We all know movies are better with explosions. It’s a simple fact of life. Like how the sky is blue and snowboarding is more difficult in the Summer. Most movie-goers can conjure up an image of James Bond walking casually towards the screen as a building is blown to pieces in the background. The Silver Screen is often filled with explosions, high-flying action, and life threatening situations which, in real life, would be pretty intense! But because so many are familiar with the tricks-of-the-trade of the movie biz (CG animation, safety wires, and the like) the audience can be left wondering just how dangerous or how real a stunt really was. Every stunt-filled movie has a team of brave stuntmen and women who put themselves in harm’s way to make fictional characters like James Bond look like some of the coolest cats around. People still say that right? Even though stuntmen fill in for the big names in a picture film, their life on the set isn’t a ... read more


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