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Phoenix Auto Services Shop: The Car Features We Wish Were Real

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Do you still drive to work every weekday in a car that doesn’t transform into a giant robot? Do you ever wonder what life would be like inside of the Batmobile? Are your friends laughing at you because you still drive a car that can’t fly? Well, that just means you’re like everyone else out there with their normal, non-transformable, not-Batmobile, ground-only vehicles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about a better life! And in the spirit of a better life, here’s a list of cinematic car features that this Phoenix auto services shop wouldn’t mind having for real.

Bond Ejector Seat

Is your passenger annoying you? Are you being forced to drive at gunpoint? In either case, the ejector seat is the solution you need! At the press of a button you can send all of your problems sky high, literally. So maybe most of us would never have to use an ejector seat but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome to have anyways.

The Bat Bike

Did you see the Dark Knight Rises? The one with the infamous Joker played by Heath Ledger? In this movie, the Batman himself decides to take the Bat Bike (that’s probably what it’s called) out for a spin. The cool thing is, the Bat Bike is actually just a part of the Batmobile that can detach itself at Batman’s whim. It’s pretty slick. Oh ya, and the bike has those cool, sideways rotating tires that show why Batman is boss in case everyone didn’t know already.

Bond’s Stealth Mode

Another Bond gadget. Honestly, the Bond series is the icon of cool car gadgets, among other things, so it’s no surprise that it has made multiple spots on the list. Stealth mode (aka invisibility) strikes the perfect balance between classy and tactical. It’s the technology of the future that everyone wows at when they first see its conception in a movie. If it ever comes out, then fair warning: remember to turn your stealth mode off after you’ve parked your car. In fact, pretty much just don’t ever drive with it on because it’s asking for an accident to happen. The kind of accident that would require a Mesa-Gilbert auto services shop.

Rocket Propulsion/Nitrous/Any Kind of Speed Boost At All

It’s one of the most classic of all car gadgets; extra speed. Because you can’t just go fast, you have to go faster. Any car with some kind of speed upgrade is automatically cooler. What’s that? It looks like a family SUV? Umm, did you see the rocket engines on the back? It’s clearly a race car.

There are many car features from the movies that would be pretty cool to have in real life. This would be a long read if we listed them all. Who knows, we might talk about more in the future. Did you have any preferences over these features today? Which would you pick?

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (4/13/2017) Damian Morys (Flickr)


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