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3 Steps to turn your Garage into an Awesome Hangout or Man Cave!


Do you only use half of your garage to park your car and let the rest of the space go to waste? Whether you need to clear out some clutter, or just finally finish unpacking from your move 3 years ago, chances are you might have some extra room in the garage to work with. There still plenty of ways to make the rest of your garage a nice homey, hangout or man cave without sacrificing a parking spot for your beloved vehicle. So here are some ideas to revamp your garage and add some extra space to your home that you can start on while you’re waiting on your Phoenix auto repair from Carlife!

Step 1: Plan it Out

Carefully consider your layout ahead of time, and make some preliminary sketches to plan the must haves like a couch, TV, bar, fridge, etc. Don’t forget about the essentials. For Phoenix that’s going to be air conditioning! At minimum consider getting a wall mounted unit for the garage. Don’t forget to plan a space for any tools, storage, yard work equipment and your car!

Step 2: From the Bottom

Don’t forget about what’s underneath you! Some garages have a nice finish and some are untreated concrete, either way you might want something to make the space a little more cozy and/or differentiate the hangout area from the rest of the garage. A large area rug is a simple, but nice touch. You can also consider carpet, floor boards, rubberized tile, or consider simply painting the floor.

Step 3: To the Top

Lastly, don’t forget about the ceiling! If it’s unfinished you may be able to utilize the extra space for storage, but a neat finished ceiling similar to the one inside the house provides a cleaner look. Consider some fun lighting like track lighting, or hanging lamps above your pool or poker table--steer clear of your typical fluorescent garage lighting!

Have you successfully transformed your garage into a man cave or hangout for the ages? Tell us about it and share some pictures during your next visit to Carlife for any of your Phoenix auto repair needs!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (11/23/2016) Elizabeth Anderson (Flickr)


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