BMW Beauty

The BMW is one of a kind and in a class of its own. It is a brand that is known worldwide for reliability, capability and luxury. Here at CarLife, we are privileged to get to regularly maintain, service and repair a wide range of vehicles, including BMWs. What makes a BMW stand out from the crowd of vehicles manufactured? Let’s find out.


Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) was founded in 1916 in Germany, with an initial focus on building aircraft. They moved into building motorcycles in the early 1920’s, and finally cars in 1928. After World War II they established themselves as one of the world’s top manufacturers of line engines, sports cars, motorcycles, and luxury vehicles.

What is Special About A BMW?

BMW is a widely known brand across the world, but why? Exquisite attention to detail from the inside to the outside is what makes them stand out. They have a sleek, luxurious appearance that is instantly recognizable. BMWs have a distinct kidney-shaped grill, and a well-known white, blue and black emblem that stands for class, power and excellent driveability. Not only do they look good, what makes them really special becomes clear once you get in. Upon entering the vehicle, you are wrapped in luxury with heated seats (optional) and a driver-oriented ergonomic design for maximum comfort. That is all before you turn the key to engage the engine. The engines are designed with power for an excellent, smooth ride, but with a classy ease to them that keeps your space quiet. You don’t have to worry about hearing your conversation partner—that is, unless you turn on the top-of-the-line stereo.

On a more practical level, BMWs are built to last. They are reliable vehicles created to outlast many others on the road. Whether you purchase a brand new BMW 7 series, or find a used convertible BMW 1 series, they are worth the time and money.

CarLife sees the benefits of purchasing a vehicle that is known for excellence in its engines, design and reliability. See us today for all your repair needs, or to show off the beautiful BMW that you drive with style.

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Ways to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Who doesn’t want to have better gas mileage? Everyone. We all want to save money and not be constantly affected by the rise and fall of gas prices. We shouldn’t have to live on the whims of the oil company. While cost effective automotive repairs can help keep your gas budget in check, there are other ways you can deliberately improve your gas mileage. For all you folks driving the freeways in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Gilbert, Carlife wants to provide some useful tips on how to improve your gas mileage and keep your gas budget in line.

Know Gas Mileage

The first thing to do in order to improve your gas mileage is to measure your current gas input and output. This will give you a baseline so that you can tangibly see the positive improvements in your gas mileage. While the newer cars have an automatic mpg counter on the display, these are usually not completely accurate and can give you a skewed view of the reality of your car. The best way to gain knowledge of your gas mileage is to track it yourself. This is an easy process. First, fill your car up fully and turn your trip counter to zero or write down your mileage. Second, when you fill up next, make a note of the amount of gallons you put in as well as stop the trip counter or write down your mileage again to calculate the miles driven. Divide the mileage by the gallons and you will get your mpg. Then just keep note of it each time you fill up. When you have five calculations, you will have an average of your total miles per gallon and you can start to see the improvements in your mpg when you start making some changes.

Saving Gas

There are several ways that you, as the driver, can affect your gas mileage. The following tips will help you see what will work best for you and how you can save money on gas.
*Hitting the Gas: When you gun the gas pedal as soon as the light turns green, you are wasting immense amounts of gas. Let up a bit, you are not racing. Allow yourself to gradually pick up speed and then stay at a consistent speed.
*Gas Type: If your car says to use regular gas, there is a reason. The premium is not necessary and therefore is just a waste of gas.
*Internet: Using the internet will help you find the gas stations in your area with the cheapest gas prices. This will save you money overtime and allow you to increase the money for your mileage.
*Tire Pressure: Checking your tire pressure to ensure that it is staying at the desired number will help with gas. When your tires are getting low, it increases rolling resistance and takes up more gas.
Roof Rack: Getting rid of your roof rack actually helps with the aerodynamics of the car. When there is added pressure against the wind and air resistance, it increases the need for gas to be consumed.
*Air Filter: Changing your air filter can seem like a random thing that would have no effect. In reality, if your engine is working to get air ingested, it is using the fuel to do so. Having clean airflow will positively affect your gas mileage.
*Spark Plugs: When your car has over 80,000 miles, your spark plugs can become filled with carbon deposits. Having fresh spark plugs can help with better gas mileage.

As there are several things you can do to increase your gas mileage, a lot of them have to do with good care of your car engine. The engine is like your mind. When you are feeding it junk food or not feeding it at all, it won’t be working to the best of its ability and it will take more energy to function. But when you feed your body and mind healthy foods regularly, the firing capacity is highly increased.

Contact Carlife today to learn more about improving your gas mileage and getting a regular tune up through the quality services we provide!

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