Is Your Vehicle Ready To Take You On An Adventure?

If you live in Glendale, AZ and drive an Acura, Glendale auto repair experts at CarLife can help keep your vehicle running in top condition, all year long. Our highly trained and dedicated auto repair specialists are committed to delivering customer service that is second to none.
Glendale Auto Repair
Whether you are planning a day trip to Sedona to enjoy a favorite hiking spot with your family, or a weekend in the bright lights of Vegas with that special someone, you need to know your car will get you there and back in comfort and safety. Unparalleled customer communication is a priority at CarLife, so our ASE Certified Master Technicians and experienced staff will keep you informed throughout the entire car repair process to ensure you know exactly what is happening with your vehicle.

No matter what kind of adventure you are planning, we will make sure your family is ready to hit the road in a vehicle you don’t have to worry about, so you can focus on just enjoying your trip.
When your car, truck, or SUV is not in optimum condition, it can be a stressful situation. You need someone you can trust to help you make it through. When it comes to auto repair in Glendale, the folks at CarLife do their best to make it a stress-free experience for you.

You can find relief from the intense Arizona heat as you kick back in our comfortable, air conditioned waiting room and enjoy a cool drink of water. Relax and take a load off your feet while our friendly staff takes care of your needs and our skilled technicians get your car in top working order.

Speaking of staying cool, did you know you can ski and snowboard in Arizona? We aren’t kidding; it’s true! The highest point in Arizona can be found on Humphrey’s Peak, often called Mount Humphreys, which is 12,633 feet at its summit, and gets around 110 inches of snow annually.

When you are thinking of getting your car checked out before heading to the top of the mountain, please keep in mind that we have top of the line technology at CarLife, professional equipment and we service all manufacturers. We pride ourselves on being one of the premier auto repair shops in Glendale.

We know you value fun times with your family, bonding and building meaningful relationships, and we value our relationships with our customers above all else. That’s why we promise to do our utmost to provide you with an unforgettable customer service experience every time you seek us out for your Glendale auto repair. You are our most valuable business asset, and we always endeavor to take good care of you as well as your vehicle.

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Best Arizona Campsites to visit this Fall!

As we mentioned in a previous post, fall in Arizona is a great time to road trip to some of the lesser known spots in the state. That goes for camping as well! The weather is cooling down enough to camp here in the southern parts of Arizona near Phoenix and Tucson, but not enough to prevent you from camping up in northern Arizona! So on that note, we’ve compiled a few of the best camping spots both close to home and a short road trip away. There’s no need to worry if you’re a camping novice—you won’t need a 4×4 to reach these easily accessible campsites.


1. Lost Dutchman State Park


We start our journey close to home in the shadow of the Superstitions. If comfortable desert camping with access to amenities like showers, grills and flush toilets is what you seek, Lost Dutchman State Park is the place for you! Simply take the 60 east and exit at Idaho Road. Head north until you hit Apache Trail and take a right to experience the true beauty of the Sonoran Desert.


2. Lynx Lake Campground


Don’t want to head all the way to Flagstaff but still want a cooler climate? No worries! Visit the lovely Lynx Lake Campground in beautiful Prescott, AZ. Just make sure you reserve your spot ahead of time as this one is very popular due its remote, serene atmosphere while remaining only 15 minutes from the city of Prescott. Plenty of spots to grill or fish on the lake along with drinking water and toilets available onsite.


3. Ashurst Lake Campground


When you’re ready to head a little further up towards Flagstaff, it’s hard to beat the scenic views and peaceful surroundings of Ashurst Lake Campground. While you won’t be blown away by many amenities, the natural beauty will more than make up for it.


Are you ready to hit the road and see what all the AZ fall camping fuss is about? Contact Carlife for an oil change and a tune up before you head out and don’t forget to have an awesome time!


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How to create your own Car Emergency Kit!

As any parent knows—especially those with boys—it never hurts to be prepared for anything. Nobody wants to have to clean up their kid’s bloody nose or a bruise with whatever napkins and hand lotion you can find in the glovebox! This is why it’s so important to have a car emergency kit ready to go for whatever life throws at you and your family.


Here’s a great car emergency kit checklist to use as a baseline!


□ Baby Wipes

□ Children’s and Adult Ibuprofen

□ Instant ice pack

□ Various assorted Band-Aids/bandages

□ Children’s and Adult Acetaminophen

□ Antacids

□ Migraine medicine

□ Hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes

□ Benadryl

□ Eye drops

□ Anti-nausea medicine

□ Bottles of water

□ Bug repellent

□ Cortisone Cream

□ Antibiotic ointment


Find a nice little box with a lid that will slide under your car’s seat, the trunk or another little spot tucked out of the way. You’ll probably get much more use than you think out of this handy car emergency kit—especially if you have kids! You may have to skip a few of the medications due to the extreme heat we experience in Peoria and the rest of the valley that may cause some medications to lose potency. Check the packaging for each medication for more information.


Don’t forget to keep up to date on maintenance for the vehicle you keep your family and newly created car emergency kit in and visit our Carlife Glendale/Peoria location for all of your oil change needs in Peoria! Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment.


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Great Trails Around Phoenix For Your 4×4

Don’t be one of those people who buy a 4×4 and never put it to the test! If you own a four wheel drive truck, Jeep or other SUV that has been sitting patiently in your garage since you bought it, here are a few trails for both beginners and more experienced off-roaders! It’s a great time now that the weather has begun cooling off to truly enjoy the outdoors. Need a tune-up and/or a check on your tires and suspension before you hit the trails? Schedule your appointment with CarLife Phoenix auto services experts in Glendale, Gilbert, or Scottsdale.


Four Peaks


If you live in Mesa, Gilbert or Apache Junction, you probably see the Four Peaks pretty clearly on a daily basis. Isn’t it about time you see them up close and personal? This easy to moderate trail is about 3 hours each way if you decide to do the entire trail with multiple side trails to explore. You’ll see off-road vehicles of all types cruising through these breathtaking mountains. As soon as you get off the highway (Hwy 87), and get on the dirt road (FS 143), you’re on the trail! Click here for more details.


Apache Trail


This trail is rated easy, so it’s great for you first time off-roaders! It begins paved and gives way to dirt with blind curves and tight switchbacks so still be careful! You’ll get treated to awesome views of the Salt River from above along with Canyon Lake and Apache Lake. Take Idaho Road north through Apache Junction and take Highway 88 northeast to get to this trail. Click here for more details.


Sycamore Creek


Another easy to moderate rated trail, Sycamore Creek is located on the north side of the Four Peaks Wilderness and the creek is less than a mile from the highway so you’ll get plenty of time to enjoy it! Click here for directions and more information.


Be sure you come prepared anytime you go off-roading, even if it’s just a quick outing. Better to be safe than sorry! It’s always a good idea to bring tools, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, jumper cables, food, water, emergency blankets, along with a shovel, tow strap and a flashlight.


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Road Trip Tips to Keep Your Kids Calm!

So you’ve finally planned that family road trip for the ages, but now the terrifying reality that you’ll be stuck in a car with your kids for hours on end sets in. It doesn’t matter how smoothly your vehicle is running, if the whole family isn’t happy and entertained it might be a bumpy ride. Well never fear! We’ve compiled a few ideas to keep the kids entertained and in turn, keep the parents calm.


Toys & Games


Bring out the classics! Who remembers the etch-a-sketch or the aquadoodle? Make a “busy box” for your kids full of little card games, toys, legos and more. The box lid could even be a playing surface! Books are obviously great too–for kids who don’t get car sick.


The Creative Spirit


Let your little ones harness their inner creativity! Have an old digital camera you don’t mind getting roughed up? Give it to the aspiring photographer in the family, or pick up an instant film camera. Sketchbooks, notebooks, sticker and activity books are also fun choices. Another fun idea might be bringing along a white board with some dry-erase pens! All the fun without the mess!


Good ol’ Technology


If good old fashioned toys, games and creativity don’t do the trick, thankfully there’s technology to fall back on. We’re all on our devices too much as is, but when you can’t beat them.. join them, right? DVD players, laptops and mobile devices can be a godsend on road trips or at the shop while you’re waiting on your Phoenix auto service before you leave. These devices are sure to keep the kids entertained with movies and games. Just don’t forget the headphones!


Are you getting ready for your ultimate family road trip? Contact us today for all of your Phoenix auto service needs and schedule an appointment at 602-850-8300!


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Best Little-Known Road Trip Destinations in Arizona!

Who doesn’t like to get away from the daily grind? With the holidays right around the corner and the weather starting to cool down, now might be the perfect time to go on a weekend road-trip and explore some of the less heralded, but equally beautiful parts of Arizona! Be sure to stop by your nearest Carlife location for all of your pre-trip Phoenix auto services and say hello to the open road for us!

Historic Bisbee, Arizona

With Halloween right around the corner, why not visit one of the neatest “haunted” spots in the state. This former mining town just a few miles from the border of Mexico has transformed into a quaint artistic community complete with murals, antique shops, and the famous Copper Queen haunted hotel! Around 3 hours Southeast of Phoenix, Bisbee is a perfect weekend destination that you can reach from the comfort of your vehicle. (Don’t forget to check out Wild West landmark Tombstone, AZ on your way there!) Built right into the mountainside and complete with historic buildings, when you’re in Bisbee you’ll feel like you’re cruising through the narrow streets of a small town in Italy!

Picturesque Greer, Arizona

This gem in Eastern Arizona is tucked away at elevation in the White Mountains. Around 4 hours east of Phoenix, this mountain valley is a beautiful paradise for outdoor enthusiasts with actual changing seasons for those of us in the Phoenix area who don’t get to experience true seasons. Explore the Little Colorado River, hike, camp, fish and ski your way to an amazing adventure in Greer, Arizona.

Scenic Tubac, Arizona

Another artistic spot on our list, Tubac is a scenic village whose motto is actually ‘where art and history meet’. This area–about 2.5 hours south of Phoenix–was settled by the Spanish in 1752, but has been home to native cultures for over 11,000 years! Historic Old Town Tubac features genuine adobe buildings, a museum, as well as artistic sites like the Tubac Center of the Arts which hosts popular events like The Festival Of The Arts.

Inspired to take a trip? When you get back, be sure to tell us all about the awesome adventures you’ve had while you’re getting your Phoenix auto services taken care of and preparing for your next weekend getaway! Contact us for all of the necessary maintenance to keep you and your vehicle on the open road for years to come.

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Three of the Most Valuable Muscle Cars Ever!

If you don’t at least appreciate a classic American muscle car, then you’re probably lacking a pulse! We’ve seen some pretty stunning vehicles come through our doors, but none compare to the value of the three muscle cars listed below. These are some of the rarest, most sought after classics in the world. While your car might now be worth a cool 3 million, our Carlife Gilbert & Mesa auto repair technicians will treat it like it is!

1. 1971 Hemi Cuda Convertible 4-Speed

Known as the “Holy Grail of Muscle Cars”, it is believed that there is only one original Hemi Cuda Convertible 4-Speed left in existence and only two were ever given a four-speed transmission and Hurst shifter from the factory. In 2014, the only known original sold for 3.5 million dollars!

2. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88

The king of Corvettes. Only 20 of the ‘67 Chevy Corvette L88 were ever produced. The only L88 with original panels known to exist sold in 2013 for 3.2 million dollars!

3. 1967 Shelby GT500e Super Snake

One of the most special, one-of-a-kind cars ever created, the ‘67 GT500e Super Snake was only a special order option but not a single Super Snake was ordered. Prior to ‘67, the Super Snakes were only used for racing and were never street legal. The ‘67 model was the first street legal Ford Mustang equipped with the same engine as the LeMans winning Shelby GT40. This car most recently sold for 1.3 million dollars!

Have a beautiful muscle car of your own? We’d love to check it out! Bring it on into Carlife’s Gilbert location near Mesa when you’re in the market for Mesa auto repair or just want to have your wheels in good hands for some basic maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at 480-800-3171!

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