How to Road Trip Properly

Feeling adventurous, Phoenix? Want to go somewhere new? Then plan a roadtrip! We’ve all heard of people doing it but have we actually done it ourselves? And no, not just driving long distances, but an actual road trip? As spontaneous as road trips are, you do not want to be spontaneous in the preparation, otherwise, it’ll be a short trip straight to your auto repair shop in Peoria. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a road trip.
1. Don’t do it by yourself. Road trips are not parties of one, they’re meant to be experienced with other people! How else will anyone believe all of the wild stories that happen?
2. Make a budget. Give yourself some room to breathe, in case something unexpected occurs.
3. There are a number of apps that can be pretty helpful, according to Roadtrippers is a good one for taking some of the planning off your shoulders. It can plan routes for you so that you can calculate the fuel costs, distance, and time of your trip. Plus, it can help you find stops (if you’re going to completely ignore our next point, that is).
4. Leave room for discovery. Don’t plan your stops; instead, stumble upon them. Do this wisely, of course. If you’re in an unpopulated area, it doesn’t produce a sense of adventure as much as it does car-wide panic- and nothing ruins a road trip like a non-functional car in the middle of nowhere! That leads us to our next point:
5. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape! You won’t want to have to visit an auto repair shop before you even get to your destination! Check out our blog for tips on this:
Is your vehicle ready to take you on an adventure?
6. Lastly, remember, you’re on a road trip! Go out and experience life, eat food you haven’t eaten before, do a new activity, make new friends. This is supposed to be fun, after all!
So are you thinking about it? Maybe in the future someday? If you think it might be worth your while, then set a date for planning out what you might want to do. Who knows, if you plan it out then it just might happen…
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Finding Trustworthy Auto Repair Shops in Scottsdale

Auto Repair Shops Scottsdale
There are some things in life you just need to be able to depend on, and your mechanic is one of them. When your vehicle needs repair, it is extremely difficult to have peace of mind if you don’t know of a reliable auto repair shop with a good reputation. CarLife Professional Auto Service is a name you will hear often when it comes to quality auto repair shops in Scottsdale. Conveniently located at the Pavilions at Talking Stick, 8830 East Indian Bend Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85250, CarLife is a popular destination for people who want a team of professionals who have earned a stellar reputation.

It is difficult to imagine life without the convenience of a dependable, well maintained vehicle at our disposal. We use our cars to get us to work, school, extracurricular activities, shopping, family activities, and more. Our vehicles are something we take for granted sometimes, until we are suddenly without dependable transportation. We have a certain relationship with our vehicles (sometimes, we even give them pet nicknames!); we expect them to be there when we need them, to take us where we need to go.
Just as with friendships and business relationships, your relationship with your mechanic should be based on trust, first and foremost. You wouldn’t trust your child’s safety and wellbeing to a babysitter you’ve never met, and you probably wouldn’t buy something from a store or business whose quality was called into question. Your vehicle is an essential element of your everyday life, and the value of being able to trust your mechanic with the safety and wellbeing of your car, truck, or SUV cannot be underestimated.
When it comes to auto repair shops, Scottsdale residents and businesses know they can depend on CarLife Professional Auto Service. If you are a vehicle owner residing in Scottsdale and want only the best for your sedan, SUV, or truck, give us a call today and experience what the CarLife difference can mean for you. For Scottsdale service, visit the Pavilions at Talking Stick, or call us today at (480) 270-5930 to schedule an appointment.

Phoenix Auto Services Shop: The Car Features We Wish Were Real

Do you still drive to work every weekday in a car that doesn’t transform into a giant robot? Do you ever wonder what life would be like inside of the Batmobile? Are your friends laughing at you because you still drive a car that can’t fly? Well, that just means you’re like everyone else out there with their normal, non-transformable, not-Batmobile, ground-only vehicles. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about a better life! And in the spirit of a better life, here’s a list of cinematic car features that this Phoenix auto services shop wouldn’t mind having for real.

Bond Ejector Seat
Is your passenger annoying you? Are you being forced to drive at gunpoint? In either case, the ejector seat is the solution you need! At the press of a button you can send all of your problems sky high, literally. So maybe most of us would never have to use an ejector seat but that doesn’t mean it’s not awesome to have anyways.

The Bat Bike
Did you see the Dark Knight Rises? The one with the infamous Joker played by Heath Ledger? In this movie, the Batman himself decides to take the Bat Bike (that’s probably what it’s called) out for a spin. The cool thing is, the Bat Bike is actually just a part of the Batmobile that can detach itself at Batman’s whim. It’s pretty slick. Oh ya, and the bike has those cool, sideways rotating tires that show why Batman is boss in case everyone didn’t know already.

Bond’s Stealth Mode
Another Bond gadget. Honestly, the Bond series is the icon of cool car gadgets, among other things, so it’s no surprise that it has made multiple spots on the list. Stealth mode (aka invisibility) strikes the perfect balance between classy and tactical. It’s the technology of the future that everyone wows at when they first see its conception in a movie. If it ever comes out, then fair warning: remember to turn your stealth mode off after you’ve parked your car. In fact, pretty much just don’t ever drive with it on because it’s asking for an accident to happen. The kind of accident that would require a Mesa-Gilbert auto services shop.

Rocket Propulsion/Nitrous/Any Kind of Speed Boost At All
It’s one of the most classic of all car gadgets; extra speed. Because you can’t just go fast, you have to go faster. Any car with some kind of speed upgrade is automatically cooler. What’s that? It looks like a family SUV? Umm, did you see the rocket engines on the back? It’s clearly a race car.

There are many car features from the movies that would be pretty cool to have in real life. This would be a long read if we listed them all. Who knows, we might talk about more in the future. Did you have any preferences over these features today? Which would you pick?

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Scottsdale Car Service: The Web’s Best Car Jokes

This Scottsdale car service company has gone to great lengths scouring the internet for the best car jokes around. We’ve seen the good and the bad (a lot of bad) and these are the best of what we could find. Enjoy!

I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather.. Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

What do you call a VW bus at the top of a hill? A miracle.

What car does a Proctologist drive? A brown Ford Probe.

I have a fear of speed bumps.
But I am slowly getting over it.

A motorist runs a red light and is photographed by an automated police camera. In the mail a short time later, he receives a photo of his car committing the infraction and a citation for $60. Instead of paying the fine, the motorist mails the police department a photograph of three 20-dollar bills. Several days later, he gets a letter back from the police department. Inside is a photograph of a pair of handcuffs.

Someone at the auto repair shop locked the owner’s keys inside his car. While the locksmith was working on the driver’s-side door lock, the anxious owner walked up and tried the passenger’s-side door. It opened.
The locksmith looked up. “Yeah, I already got that one.”

Eddie was driving down the road and a met a car coming the other way. Although there was room to pass easily, Eddie forced the oncoming car to slow down and wound down his window and shouted ‘Pig’. The other driver looked in his rear view mirror and swore at Eddie. Then his car hit the pig.

Do you know any funny car jokes? If so, let us know in the comments!

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Jaguar Clubs in Arizona

Jaguar Scottsdale


If you are anything like the folks at CarLife Professional Auto Services, you love your car. If you own a Jaguar, or dream of owning one someday, that love probably runs a little deeper than most; some might even call it an obsession. Jaguar owners are dedicated to the care and preservation of these unique automobiles, and we understand, and share, your dedication to excellence.


If you are a Scottsdale Jaguar owner, you undoubtedly know about the Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA). You may not know, however, that Arizona has three separate Jaguar Clubs. The Jaguar Club of Northern Arizona is located in Sedona, the Jaguar Club of Central Arizona is located in Phoenix, and the Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona is located in Tucson, and considers itself to be the oldest JCNA club in North America. It was formed initially at Fort Huachuca, just South of Tucson, by service men returning from England with the sleek “cats” they had acquired while stationed there. The club continues to be dedicated to the adoration of the marque.


The Jaguar Club of Southern Arizona has valuable information for Jaguar aficionados on their website, covering everything from club events, forum discussions, fun stuff, a newsletter for members with several years of back issues available to view, and links to videos of award-winning and classic, antique Jaguars and events featuring these beautiful cars. As they say at Jaguar, “If you can’t rule the world, rule the road”.


Meet club members the first Wednesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, and mix and mingle during happy hour before sitting down to eat a casual social dinner. This is a perfect opportunity for folks considering joining the club to meet with existing members.


The club supports the Northern Jaguar project, and in 2016, members visited a local Greek Orthodox Monastery as a group activity. Contact the club president or visit the website for more information about the club, how to join, and their planned activities for 2017.


If you are a Jaguar owner residing in Scottsdale and want the best for your premium luxury sedan, luxury performance SUV, or pure Jaguar sports car, give us a call today and experience the CarLife difference. For Jaguar Scottsdale, visit the Pavilions at Talking Stick, 8830 East Indian Bend Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85250 – (480) 270-5930

Why Trust CarLife Professional Services for your Auto Repair in Glendale AZ?

For a great Auto Repair Shop in Glendale AZ, drivers count on CarLife Professional Auto Services. Your vehicle is an important part of your daily activities, and ensuring it is working as intended is critical to taking care of business every day. Making sure kids get to school and events on time, commutes to and from work, shopping and errands, and those times when you can squeeze in a day trip and enjoy yourself away from the burdens of everyday living all require reliable transportation.


When you need to have your car, truck, or SUV serviced, you want be able to place your trust in a reputable auto repair shop. Glendale, AZ has just the place with CarLife. Clean, professional, and comfortable, Glendale drivers can drop off their vehicle with CarLife for repair and come back to pick it up at a pre-determined time, or they can enjoy the comfort of the waiting room out of the heat while service is completed.


At CarLife, we understand the reliance you have in your vehicle and place great value in the care and attention we provide each of our customers. We enjoy the relationships we cultivate with each customer, knowing that your patronage is the most important part of our business. We treat your vehicle as if it was our own, making sure all service and repairs are expertly performed. You can rest assured that we will give your car the same care and attention we provide you, ensuring you have the confidence you need and deserve when you drive away from our auto repair shop. Glendale, AZ offers many options for you to take your car when it needs service, but at CarLife we place quality of service above all else when working on your car. This dedication to excellence, combined with the importance we place on our customer relationships, is what sets us apart from the competition.


For superior auto repair and service in Glendale, come to our shop in the Arrowhead Mall area at 7909 W Campo Bello Drive, Suite #2, Glendale, AZ 85308, or contact us at (632) 223-1691, and give your car the best care possible with CarLife Professional Auto Service.

Living on the Go

There is an emerging trend in the younger generations of today to “live small”. The idea is to sacrifice a large mortgage and larger type of home in order to spend that money traveling and/or doing things you want to do while living in a more modest home. In that spirit, this oil change Peoria services company thought it would be neat to talk about some of the types of “homes” available today for those who want to live small and also travel around in mobile homes.
Tricycle home

That’s right, it’s the home we have all been waiting for: the Tricycle Home! Made by People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO), picture the comfort of living in one’s own home with the convenience of going anywhere you want to go. It folds out like an accordion so it can be expanded or made compact and is lightweight enough to tug it around on a trike! PIDO even makes towable gardens that you can bring around with you, as well. According to, the Tricycle Home comes with a sink, stove, bathtub, water tank and transforming furniture which are all manually powered.

This egg-like living space can be towed around behind a car like a camper and has all the essentials needed in a home from a toilet and shower to a sink and stove. According to its website, the Ecocapsule is powered through solar power, a wind turbine, and rain collection. If you have an electric car, the Ecocapsule can charge it. Go green or go live in your normal shaped home! Does the Ecocapsule intrigue you? If you’re interested, there are pre-orders are available. The first 50 will go for 79,000 Euros (approx. $84,000). Significantly cheaper than a house, it can make sense for those wishing to not have a mortgage for years to come.
Idaho Sheep Camp Wagons

It’s about to get old school up in here. This one is for the pioneer in all of us. According to, these beauties feature “stoves, electricity, sleeping areas, storage, and more.” The Idaho Sheep Camp Wagons are a cool nod to the past. Would you want to live in one? That’s up to you. But like their name suggests these can be used to just go on short trips for camping or other activities which could definitely be a neat experience. And don’t worry, these wagons are designed to be towable on freeways, too. But why would you do that when you can be pulled by horse?
House Bus

It’s the magic…house bus? In our last feature, we have what was once an ordinary school bus now turned into a pretty unique living space. According to it is a, “beautiful, 1978 International, 35′ bus with custom, all-wood interior, full kitchen and living space, wood stove, and roof deck (everything but a bathroom).” This is a quality refurbishment that seems to have been done really well. Unfortunately, this puppy has already been sold. It’s still pretty neat, though.
Has this lifestyle intrigued you?These homes may not be for everyone but it’s cool to see what other people are doing and how they are choosing to live life. Need an oil change? We have oil change Peoria services so stop on by! Have fun on your mobile living adventures!

Gilbert Mesa Could Use Food Trucking

The food trucking industry has been an exciting development in the food world and has gained a lot of popularity. Statistics from 2015 show that the food truck industry brings in over $1.2 billion a year. That’s a good amount of cash. The business model of the industry has allowed its vendors to create unique and delicious foods. If you’re from the Gilbert Mesa area then you might not have seen many food trucks and if you don’t know much about this industry yet, here is a little peak on what it is like for the food truck owners.
A New Frontier
As you might imagine, running a food truck is less expensive than running a restaurant. There’s less staff and a smaller kitchen. Smaller expenses means there is less risk and less risk leads to less stress among other benefits (not to say that it isn’t stressful). The smaller expenses allow more cooks to get their foot in the door and gain an audience for their products which will help them open up a restaurant later on if they so desire.
Momentary Monetary
The income can waver, however. Trucks who operate where it gets cold and snowy in the winter (which is definitely not here in Gilbert Mesa) can go through a bad winter season. Sales can drop as much as 50%, according to the President of the National Food Truck Association (NFTA). Yikes. So food truck owners have to plan for the off season while things are going well.
Going Curbular
Trucks can sell at curbside as well as at events. If they’re going curbside they’ll be driving around for spots where they think they will get the most customers. Of course, if an area is known to be good business among the food trucks scene, then the food trucks may have to fight to get a spot in their favorite areas. You might think that this means food trucks would have a hostile attitude towards each other but according to an interview by of the President of the NFTA, there is actually a sense of “community and camaraderie.” The President of NFTA supported this by mentioning, “If one truck can’t do an event, the owner will pass it along to another food truck.” It’s nice to hear about people helping each other survive out there in the food world. Speaking of events…
Planning Ahead
Serving at private and corporate events is another way that the Food Trucks can make money. This way is less spontaneous and risky (in terms of knowing whether or not there’ll be sales) but it costs more time in planning and communication. Also, festivals may charge food trucks to sell at their locations. An interview on with a food truck owner states, “Many charge food trucks a flat fee to be there (anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars) and some even take a percentage of their sales.” These expenses can get pretty high so they are another thing for the trucks to consider.
The food truck life seems like an interesting one. It is a good route to go for those weary of opening a restaurant and it has resulted in a lot of unique, delicious, and uniquely delicious foods. Mmm food… is anyone else hungry now?
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Driving in Style

You know what goes great with cars besides speed, wheels, and Gilbert Mesa auto repair? We’re talking luxury baby, that’s right. Sweet, sweet luxury. Everyone wants it but how many can afford it? While most of us may never make the kind of cash to own top-of-the-line luxury vehicles, let’s take a moment to live vicariously through the upper echelon of society.


First of all, you can get those cars with the doors that open up at slanted angles. Yes, the classic “I’m rich and I don’t care who knows it” doors. The press-a-button-to-open kind. An obvious must-have feature of any true luxury enthusiast. You’ve probably seen them in movies like the Dark Knight where Bruce Wayne rolls up in his fancy car that costs more than most of us make in a year. Are they necessary? No. Does it matter? Not when you’re Batman.


The 2011 Volvo S80 comes complete with a heartbeat sensor, according to (AB).This safety feature is capable of detecting heartbeats, as you may have suspected. It’s purpose is to let the owner know if someone is hiding in their car. Because if you’re rich you’re more likely to have kidnapping problems. Nobody wants to be kidnapped. #richproblems


If you’re rolling up in a Rolls Royce these days, a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead to be exact, you’ll be riding in style. (TR) states that these vehicles can come installed with a lit up car ceiling designed to look like the night sky. And who wouldn’t want that? Plus, it only costs $12,000. A steal!


We’ve all heard of cars with fancy leather but what about Granite? Yes, according to TR, while used mostly in homes, granite trim is also an option for your vehicle. Because it’s not just about what’s on the outside. The inside matters, too. Gotta love granite.


And did you know the 2014 Honda Odyssey comes with a built-in vacuum cleaner? Oh yeah, luxury cleaning at its finest. According to, it’s real. Some doubted it, but where are they now? Driving their dirty cars on the road, that’s where.


This last feature is functional and awesome at the same time. Here’s a hint: it’s night vision. AB states that the navigation display of a 2011 BMW 7 Series vehicle will go all Navy Seals on those dark and scary roads so you can navigate your way easily at night. Plus, it comes coupled with a Pedestrian Detection system that detects if animals and pedestrians are on the side of the road. And it alerts you. It’s the kind of feature perfect for those rich, tactical espionage types.


Well it’s time to come back down to reality folks, where ceilings look like ceilings and doors have to be opened by hand. But don’t let this paradigm shift get you down. Yes, we might get kidnapped in our own vehicles because we didn’t have enough money to afford a heartbeat sensor and, yes, we might have to look at the actual night sky. But, what we do have is each other! Aww… So have a good day, drive safe, and if you’re ever having car problems stop by your favorite Gilbert Mesa auto repair shop!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (3/4/2017) Farzan Farivar (Flickr)

Real Car Stunts in Film

Explosions, mass destruction, and more explosions are some of the many compelling, larger-than-life cinematography done in movies that really bring in a “wow” factor. With the quality of special effects these days, it can be difficult to discern what is real and what is computer generated. Did that car really jump over that helicopter? Was Alderaan really blown up by the Death Star? Did Tom Cruise really hang on the side of that airplane? By the way, he actually did… In the movie-stunt world, car stunts have been around for long enough to have their own legacy within the silver screen. And with CGI messing with everyone’s judgement these days, we thought it would be fun to point out car stunts that actually happened.

Fair warning: the video clips in this article contain foul language


The Car with the Golden Jump


The James Bond franchise has tons of stunts in it, as we all know. However, one film in particular has one of the best car stunts in the franchise albeit that it’s in what is commonly regarded as one of the worst movies of the franchise. In “The Man with the Golden Gun,” Bond sees that he can get across a river by jumping his car off of a broken bridge and landing on the other end of the bridge. Something everyone has had to do at one time or another. Due to the the bridge being broken, and both ends twisted, his car is spun in a corkscrew effect as he launches off. Of course, Bond pulls it off in style, landing smoothly on the other side. An impressive feat in itself, according to (IW), the stuntman landed it first try.


Furious Vaulting


You can’t make an article about car stunts and not include one of the most famous (if not the most famous) car-movie franchises of all time. While a lot of the high-flying, fast-paced action may come across as too unbelievable for some audiences, you might be surprised about what the films actually do pull off. In this clip below, drivers are actually towing a vault behind them destroying nearly 200 vehicles, according to IW. That’s a lot of cars to fix for an auto repair Mesa AZ!


The Car Chase Blues


Wait, a comedy movie has a real worthwhile automobile stunt? Well yes, it does. “The Blues Brothers” contains more than one sequence of car action but at around the 2:15 mark in this video is a car pile of car piles that you might not expect to come from a Saturday Night Live spin-off.


Helicopters Die Hard


“Live Free or Die Hard” contains a vehicle collision that even people who aren’t diehard Die Hard fans (just let that sink in for a moment) can enjoy. According to IW, while some elements of these scenes are embellished, such as the guy jumping out of the helicopter, they did actually launch a car into a helicopter. Pretty cool!


We have nothing against CGI here at your Carlife auto repair Mesa AZ, but there will always be something special about automobile stunts that are done for real. We hope you have enjoyed watching these real car stunts. Stay tuned for more on all-things-cars!


Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (3/4/2017) Vladimer Shioshvili (Flickr)