How Dangerous is Drinking and Driving?

There are a lot of things in this world that work well together. Cookies and milk, Batman and Robin, hugs and kisses, Lady and Gaga, and auto repair Peoria and you have all proven to be some of the most successful combinations out there. However, not all dynamic duos are meant to be. Ranking amongst the top ten of least successful combinations in the world is drinking and driving.


Most people don’t intend any harm when they decide to drink and drive. However, while harm may not be intended it cannot always be avoided. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recorded that in 2014 nearly one third of all traffic-related deaths occurred from alcohol-impaired drivers. Their statistics also show that the younger a drunk driver is the more likely they are to be in a fatal crash. Other substances can influence our driving besides alcohol, as well. Sixteen percent of motor vehicle crashes have involved drivers under the influence of drugs (legal and illegal). So make sure to check if any prescribed medicines may influence your driving capability.


What if it’s only a little alcohol? Would it really impair a driver that much? An article on states, “…Drivers who tested positive for blood alcohol at levels well-below the legal BAC limit were more likely to be in severe car accidents than sober drivers largely because they drove significantly faster, were less likely to be appropriately using a seatbelt, and were usually driving the striking vehicle.” The CDC reports that even .02% blood alcohol concentration can impair visual functions and multitasking abilities.


Drinking and driving is very dangerous. Designating a sober driver or using taxi-type services such as Uber can instead mitigate the risk of drunk driving. So why take a chance? Thank you for driving safely and drinking responsibly.


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Formula 1: Can I drive one?

Formula 1 (F1) racing is the fastest circuit racing in the world right now and it doesn’t look like it will be surpassed anytime soon. F1 cars are made for speed. Every aspect of the vehicle is designed to aid in its performance on the circuit track.


F1 racecars have been recorded going up to 225 mph while on a circuit. Outside of racers, it is probably hard for most us to imagine even going that fast in a vehicle let alone going that fast during an actual race.


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According to, the difference between Formula 1 cars and street cars is pretty extreme.


“Four wheels and steering. Yes. That’s about the only common thing between a road car and a Formula 1 car.”


For comparison’s sake, they talked about how the average hatchback will struggle to get to about 70 mph in 12 seconds while F1 cars can reach about 186 mph in under 12 seconds. That’s a huge difference in acceleration!


Above is an image from the Hindustan Times explaining in further detail the differences between an F1 car and street cars.


Speed and acceleration aren’t the only differences between an F1 car and an average street car. For instance, the brakes of an F1 vehicle are capable of some serious stopping power…maybe too much?


Just a fair warning, this next bit is kind of gross.


“The corresponding G-force, which sometimes can be over 4.5 times that of gravity, can sometimes force a tear from your eye and splatter it onto the visor.”


Yep, that’s a thing apparently… No Mesa auto repair can fix that! Maybe sticking to normal vehicles is the best option for most of us.


With that, this has been your local auto repair Mesa Az wishing you a good day. Drive safe!


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