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Changing the oil in your Honda at regular intervals will go a long way in maintaining your vehicle in prime operating condition. But how often should you do this?  You can rely on the experts at CARLIFE Auto Repair in Scottsdale, Arizona to take care of your needs. Every auto manufacturer provides guidelines concerning the frequency of oil changes, but your individual driving habits, and local conditions, will affect these recommendations. The highly trained and ASE certified technicians at CARLIFE in Scottsdale can advise you on these matters.

Many would be do-it-yourselfers assume that once the oil in your engine has turned black it needs to be replaced. But all oil will turn black within a couple of days of an oil change, so this is not a true indicator. And you should be aware that dirty oil is not simply less efficient in protecting your Honda from damage, but that it may actually actively cause damage. Dirty oil contains more abrasive particles, such as grit and even metal shavings, and these may cause damage to the very parts the oil is supposed to protect. Water may gather in the system, combining with the oil to form a sludge. Our experts will be able to diagnose any problems caused by such wear, and effect repairs as needed, quickly and efficiently.

And you should be aware that manufacturer’s recommendations may vary according to type of driving you do. Extreme driving conditions require more frequent oil changes, but you may not be aware of the manufacturer’s exact definition of “extreme”. If you have been driving your Honda in stop and go traffic, making frequent short trips and allowing the oil to cool between these trips, or if you don’t often drive at highway speeds, allowing the oil to evaporate the water which builds in the crankcase and may form sludge, you may be driving under extreme conditions. Even the climate around Scottsdale may  be considered extreme, with high temperatures and possibly blowing dust. Trust your Honda to the professionals at CARLIFE Auto Repair in Scottsdale to know when your car needs an oil change, and what products are best to provide you with maximum protection against wear and tear to your engine. A proper schedule of oil changes can add years to the life of your Honda, keeping you happy and on the road. And that is our primary goal at CARLIFE.

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