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An alternator is an AC generator, a device used in vehicles to charge the battery. Most people understand that an automobile battery powers the lights and electrical accessories of your Chrysler when the engine is not running. They also  know that the battery is charged while the engine runs. Well, the alternator is the means by which your battery is charged. Usually, you can tell if there is a problem with your alternator by an indicator light on the dash. This may be indicated by BATT, ALT, or the picture of a battery. But in some cases, an indicator light may not be present because the alternator itself is the means by which these lights are powered. In that case, you may have to rely on other indications of trouble.  Has your Chrysler been hard or slow cranking when you start your engine? Are your lights seeming a bit lower than they used to be? Either of these signs could indicate a problem with your alternator. But it’s an easy fix at CARLIFE AUto Repair of scottsdale, Arizona. Our experts, ASE certified mechanics, are able to diagnose alternator problems easily, and provide you with a plan for repair or replacement. Take steps to assure your safety, and the safety of all those you occupy your vehicle, but taking action at the first sign of trouble. No one wants to be stranded on an Arizona roadside with a dead battery. We can get you into our shops, and out quickly with a fully functional vehicle, one which you will feel secure in operating. Our customers depend on us to supply expert services, and we take pride in doing so in a friendly and professional manner. We want to see you again, and we want you to recommend our shop to your friends and family. If you take a moment to peruse our customer reviews, we know that you will be assured of our exemplary level of service, as well as the neighborly and solicitous way in which we deliver these services. After all, we are neighbors, and we would like to become friends.

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